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Sex sells, but ‘Time’ cover with Beyonce lacks class

It’s no surprise that singer Beyonce Knowles is one of “Time” magazine’s “100 Most Influential People” of 2014, but the image of her on the cover is being criticized, not praised. I think for good reason.

Like many, I wasn’t shocked that Beyonce made the list or even landed on the cover. What was disappointing to me is how she’s dressed: She’s scantily clad, wearing nothing but white underwear and a see-through blouse.

Many Twitter users seemed appalled by her outfit or lack thereof. I agree.

Here’s why.

I know sex sells, but this isn’t “Cosmopolitan” or “Glamour.” “Time” is celebrating Beyonce for being an influential person. Great! So why is it necessary to have her pose in her underwear for the cover?

Beyonce is plenty influential with her clothes on. I guess that’s the point. The magazine is supposed to be highlighting her brain, not her body. She is one of the savviest business women and humanitarians on the planet. Isn’t that enough?

Besides, this would never happen with a male on the cover.

Alternate covers of the magazine featured legendary actor and filmmaker Robert Redford, Brooklyn Nets basketball player Jason Collins and General Motors CEO Mary Barra — all fully clothed.

I just hope one day we can inspire our female youth by showing them that strong women can keep their clothes on and still be considered powerful and influential.