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Guess he wasn’t covered under COBRA

Let me see if I have this straight.

A Pentecostal preacher believed that a poisonous snakebite would not harm him as long as he was anointed by God’s power. When he got bitten over the weekend, he refused care, sending paramedics away.

An hour later he was dead.

I’m talking about Jamie Coots, the pastor on National Geographic’s “Snake Salvation,” who died Saturday night, after one of the snakes to which he prays bit him.

This is just insane!

Seeing a doctor in the event of an emergency is common sense, but Coots’ faith prevented him from accepting that help.

What kind of faith is that?

Apparently, Coots was a third-generation “serpent handler” and he had already planned to pass his church’s practice on to his adult son, Little Cody.

Let’s hope through this tragedy, Little Cody has learned a valuable lesson.