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Let’s keep the cameras — and Google Glass — out of the bedroom

Whenever something catches on, a sexualized version is not far behind.

Google Glass is no exception. You can now see yourself through your lover’s eyes in real time thanks to technology.

Google Glass is a wearable Android device built into glasses and equipped with cameras and Wi-Fi. With two pairs of Google Glass and a new app called “Sex with Google Glass,” partners can live-stream what their other half is seeing while they’re intimate.

Yes, technology is coming into our bedroom on a whole new level.

When synced up to a home system, this new app will also give you the ability to dim the lights and play mood music on command, as well as suggest new sexual positions with the words, “OK, Glass, give me ideas.”


An app is going to instruct me on how to be intimate with my husband. Too weird!

Honestly, I’m not surprised there’s a market for this app, but let’s just call it what it is: self-porn. I don’t want to see what my partner sees in those intimate moments. Do you? I’d probably never be able to get those images out of my head.

By the way, the app also offers video to users who want to replay the night, although the videos are automatically deleted five hours after they are created.

I’ve never been a fan of videotaping something that is meant to be private. You just never know when that video is going to wind up in the wrong hands, even if it is set to self-destruct.

I’m all for embracing new technology, but this time the app designers have gone too far.