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Women need to stop judging each other

Why are women so stuck on judging one another?

Do you remember Maria Kang? She was the woman who posted a picture on Facebook of her toned body following childbirth, asking other women what their excuse was.

Well, now a mom in Australia is firing back, and I say good for her!

Taryn Brumfitt, 35, is a mother of three and she calls her mission the Body Image Movement. She too posted “before and after” photos of herself on Facebook that went viral.

Brumfitt recently told the Daily Mail that to maintain the figure in her “before” photo she had to become a “selfish mother” who chose to worry about diet and exercise over family time.

Now Brumfitt’s on a quest to redefine and rewrite the ideals of beauty.

“Women have been brainwashed into thinking fat, wrinkles and cellulite are bad. They’re not. It’s just a part of being a human being.”

I couldn’t agree more. Each woman has to decide for themselves what makes them feel “great” in their own skin. Kang was insensitive and rude to ask other mothers, “What’s your excuse.” She could have been a true inspiration to women by proving that you can have an incredible body after three kids. But instead she chose to taunt other women.

I think Brumfitt has the right idea. I believe it’s all about balance. Brumfitt was honest when she admitted that she wasn’t willing to sacrifice hanging out with her kids, sleeping in on weekends and an occasional night out with the girls, all to be fit and trim like a model.

Don’t get me wrong: It’s important to maintain a healthy diet and to exercise. But that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about this unrealistic idea of body perfection.

I agree with Brumfitt when she wrote, “body image does not come from trying to achieve the perfect body, it comes from embracing the one you’ve already got.”

I don’t think anyone would disagree that being a happy fulfilled mom is more important than your dress size. Besides, what a great lesson to teach your kids about accepting themselves just the way they are, flaws and all.