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No sex for GoDaddy on Super Bowl Sunday? Huh?

GoDaddy announced Thursday that the two commercials they will air during the upcoming Super Bowl will not be sexy or racy in nature.

GoDaddy executives said both of their spots will be “humor-laden” with a new brand message and “no sexual suggestiveness.”


When GoDaddy aired its first Super Bowl commercial in 2005, it was a $100 million company. Today, it’s a $1.3 billion company. I’d say they’ve been doing something right.

Why would they want to change their branding and marketing campaign? It makes no sense to me.

To be fair, I haven’t been a big fan of GoDaddy’s commercials over the years. I’m usually annoyed that they want you to visit their website to see the rest of the commercial because it’s too racy for TV. Plus, many of the commercials seem to degrade women or at least show them as nothing more than sexual beings.

That being said, Go Daddy’s commercials are extremely memorable.

I remember GoDaddy’s last Super Bowl commercial which featured supermodel Bar Refaeli planting a wet, lengthy French kiss on a super nerd. It was gross. It was hard to watch. It made my skin crawl. But it was memorable!

Everyone was talking about it the next day and for weeks to come. I bet you most people STILL remember it.

I’m a big proponent of the theory, “If it’s not broke don’t fix it.” Should Aflac dump the duck? Should Progressive stop using Flo?

GoDaddy said they need to change their brand messaging because they are the world’s largest Web hosting provider and nobody knows that. I say, who cares? If you’re making money (and clearly you are) does it really matter?

GoDaddy is making a huge mistake, or at the very least taking a huge unnecessary risk.