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Heinz got squeezed and we got fooled

Many people (including myself) were outraged recently when McDonald’s announced that they were ending their relationship with Heinz.

OMG, I thought.

Heinz is the best tasting ketchup, and my Two Cheeseburger Meal Deal will never be the same.

Apparently, the former head of Burger King is now the new CEO at Heinz. So, McDonald’s is dropping their 40 year relationship with the ketchup giant.

Through my extensive research (OK the article was only a few paragraphs), I learned that McDonald’s doesn’t even serve Heinz ketchup at its U.S. locations with the exception of stores around Pittsburgh (the home of Heinz) and Minneapolis.

What? All of this outrage over nothing?

Yes, it’s true; the McDonald’s restaurants that use Heinz are mainly overseas.

Come to think of it, the ketchup packets at McDonald’s just say “McDonald’s Fancy Ketchup” on them.

If it’s not Heinz what brand is it? Interestingly, McDonald’s has declined to say.

Maybe I just need to start dipping my fries in mayo.