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10 things possibly said between Obama, Romney in first meeting

President Barack Obama invited former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to the White House on Thursday to discuss the leadership of America.

While I’m sure they covered highly important issues, including a recipe exchange for the white turkey chili recipe that was served, I started wondering what they may have said to each other while shaking hands. Here’s what I came up with:

No. 1: “Sssooo…what’s new?”

No. 2: “Are you going to finish your lying to the American publi…er…fries?”

No. 3 “Say, could Clinton borrow that binder of yours? I promised him I’d ask.”

No. 4: “Did you see ‘Breaking Dawn’ yet?”

No. 5: “Remember when we had the first debate? That was great.”

No. 6: “Where do you keep Biden?”

No. 7: “Michelle suggested we just do Cornish game hens, but I like Big Bird.”

No. 8: “Let me take the dog for a walk…or a ride…he doesn’t mind a stiff wind, does he?”

No. 9: “Sasha wants a horse for Christmas. Malia wants a bayonet.”

No. 10: “You know, if you turned this place into a bed and breakfast, you’d make a killing.”