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The most erudite discussion of Arizona charter schools you will ever hear

Lisa Graham Keegan is a former Arizona superintendant of public instruction; she is also probably the most prominent advocate of charter schools in the state.

Julie Erfle is a blogger and journalist who has written a scathing critique of how the performance of charter schools is often judged.

In a nutshell, Erfle argues, if you hand-select the best students, they do exceptionally well. You might well want to send your kids to such a school (as she does), but this would not mean the school is actually doing a better job than one filled with kids with lower scores that are making solid improvements.)

Not surprisingly, Graham Keegan has a different take.

This week’s Think Tank lets these highly thoughtful and committed community activists have at one another.

Civil? Always. Highly informed. Thoughtful. Tune in; you might learn something.