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What is so BLEEPING funny?

Bleeped! After a year and a half, Mike O’Neil gets bleeped on his own show!

And co-host Mike Russell thinks this is so funny, instead of just editing it out, has a conspicuous BLEEP inserted into the audio recording.

Listener Contest: First person who can figure out what Mike said gets a personal shout-out on next week’s show. (The three people who were in the control room are not elegible). If you listen for context, it should not be hard to figure out.

Send entries to with the subject BLEEP CONTEST by 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Bonus points: Mike defies anyone to come up with an alternative non-bleepable expression that expresses what said with the same degree of precision and finesse. OK, English majors: have at it!

The Think Tank. KTAR 92.3 FM Sunday 5 – 6 p.m. Listen for the bleep!

Podcast is available here after 6 p.m. Sunday.