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The Think Tank: What’s going on in Arizona’s Legislature and how if affects you

This week’s Think Tank will ask:

What are the prospects for the governor’s $1.6 billion proposed expansion of Medicaid/AHCCCS? What are the motivations of those on both sides of the issue?

Will we see more gun legislation? What about the mental health aspects of gun violence?

Will sales tax simplification pave the way for taxing internet based consumer purchases or will this prospect sink sales tax simplification efforts altogether?

Will the additional CPS funding stop all the stories about abused children slipping through the cracks or is the system inherently flawed?

Weighing in on the issues will be:

• Jim Small, of the Arizona Capitol Times who spends much of his life hanging around and writing about the legislature.

• Arizona Republic Columnist Laurie Roberts, who keeps a careful eye on the goings-on on West Washington, and

• Former Senator Jerry Lewis who has seen the legislature from the inside of closed caucus doors.

The Think Tank