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A human face on the topic of immigration


The topic of illegal immigration has been widely discussed for years, especially in our border state.

But how much do we know about the people involved? Why do they really come here? How do they get here? How do they survive after they get here? And what do they want?

This week’s Think Tank will NOT rehash any of the well-known arguments on either side of this issue. You have heard all of these before — many times. It will, however, attempt to put a human face on what is often considered only in the abstract.

Our first guest is award-winning author and journalist Terry Greene Sterling. Terry spent over a year living with and interviewing a wide range of “illegal” immigrants and learning the answers to many of these questions. She will share of some of these fascinating stories. Then we will have the opportunity to meet two of the people chronicled in her book. And we will hear their stories from them directly.

I think you will find what they have to say fascinating — and some of it unexpected and surprising.