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Banana Boat sunscreen for really cheap

This has to be the best sunscreen deal I’ve seen, well, ever (and on the brand my family uses)!!! Click here to print off a coupon for $3.25 off two Banana Boat products. Then click here to print off a Target coupon for $2 off two Banana Boat products.

If you’ve been reading Alicia’s Deals in AZ for awhile, you know that you can use a manufacturers’ coupon along with a store coupon on the same item!

It doesn’t stop there! At Target, select Banana Boat sunscreens are on sale for $6.49 each. When you buy two, you get a $5 Target gift card!!!

So we’ve got two Banana Boat sunscreens at $6.49 each, totaling $12.98. Take away the $3.25 coupon and you’re at $9.73. Subtract the $2 Target coupon leaving you with $7.73. And lastly, the $5 Target gift card you’ll get (you know you’ll use it) and now you’re at $2.73. So that’s $1.37 PER 8 ounce bottle of sunscreen!


Alicia :-)

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