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Mother’s Day gift ideas on a budget

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and like me, chances are many of you have yet to find the perfect gift for mom.

It can also be a stressful time of year if you’re working to stay within a budget. Here are some cool ideas that won’t rack up your credit card bill.

Deal websites:

• Sites like Groupon, LivingSocial and Amazon Local offer discounted gift cards or services for some cool ideas.

• Can be great for more “original” gifts rather than the ones you can find at retail stores. Gift certificates for manicures with a glass of wine are extremely popular, photography packages and special arts and crafts classes can be found with big discounts.

• Location, location, location! These sites offer great options depending on what part of town you live. That way, you save a little more on gas.

Healthy gifts:

• Give mom a garden kit. There’s no healthier way to eat than to grow your own stuff. Garden kits can be found just about any garden or hardware store. It keeps mom healthy and helps her to save money by saving at the grocery store.

• Gym memberships can be a good gift for a mom hoping to be more active, but it could be costly. Try customizing a workout plan with household items or give mom a pair of dumbbells, some bands and a stability ball. Pair with some workout ideas and she’s all set to begin!

• Makeover her bedroom to create a more restful sleep. The stresses of being a mom can be relieved with some extra sleep. Studies say a cool, dark room at night can help people fall asleep faster. Create a better, relaxing ambiance for mom. Add scented candles, fresh or new linen, a nice curtain and maybe even some apps on her phone that play nature sounds.

It’s the thought that counts:

• Give mom some time off from the kitchen. Whether it’s a Mother’s Day dinner at a restaurant or at home, or even a full week of cooked meals, she’ll love it!

• Spend some time with her. Many of us are so busy with our own lives we forget our moms want to spend some time with us too.

• Take a day off and treat her to some relaxation time. Spa days are great. If you’re on a budget, take a day trip to the zoo, eat some ice cream and catch up. Not doing anything in particular, laughing a little and enjoying some good company can be a wonderful gift.