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Full price is overpriced

You might be looking for ways to make your paycheck last longer or make your budget stay on track. Or, perhaps you want to see that savings piggy bank grow. Maybe you simply want to challenge yourself at spending less but still enjoy your daily activities. Well, I’m here to tell you saving money can be easy and fun.

The blogs you’ll find here deal with how to spend less and get more. From groceries, retail, vacation, entertainment, special occasions to the latest and most efficient apps and websites. You’ll find there’s ways to avoid paying full price for pretty much everything.

For decades, people have searched newspaper circulars for coupons, sales and offers. Usually you’d need scissors to clip those savings. Now many can be found online, and coupons and savings are just a printer, paper and ink away.

There’s even mobile apps that allow you to just tap your phone and show your screen to the cashier at checkout. Instantly, you see your total drop.

But figuring out what works for you can be difficult. Saving money means something different to everyone. So we’ll work to bring you different ideas and ways to tackle them. Every week, we’ll hit on topics for you to maximize your savings at grocery, retail or department stores. Or, even better, how to get paid for shopping.

Finally, staying up to date on the latest consumer and financing news can help make the best decisions when it comes to money. We’ll bring you the latest trends and how to stay protected, making sure every penny counts.