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Busy, Smart and Strong: Vintage shops are hot right now, including Sweet Salvage

Look at a great many things you own. Much is white, black, stainless, or colorless, straight lines, modern in style without much to define it from anything else.

It’s ease of scale. A company can make a lot of one thing without changing it up much and save a ton of money. And we can’t really complain too much because there isn’t anything else to choose from. So we buy it, and they continue to make more of it.

Maybe that’s why “Vintage” is so hot right now.

Vintage: Characterized by excellence, maturity and enduring appeal; classic.

That’s one definition and from home furnishings, to cars, what’s old is definitely hot again.

Check out downtown Phoenix these days. The whole vibe is changing with a decidedly retro feel. There are antiques shops, gardening spots, quaint coffee shops and stores selling vintage everything. One store in particular that is hopping is called Sweet Salvage.

But here’s the thing, it’s only open once a month! Beginning the third Thursday of every month you can see what the store has found for you.