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You know you’ve made it when you’re a Halloween costume

I am a big fan of Halloween. Fall has arrived, such as it is in Arizona, the decorations are cool, most everyone gets a little kick out of creepy, and kids love to dress up in costumes…lots of adults do too.

If I go to a Halloween party I will definitely dress up, though I don’t usually just to hand out the trick or treat candy. But if you are needing a costume this Thursday and haven’t done anything toward that end, here are some of the hottest trends for Halloween 2013:

Miley Cyrus…the VMAs were Aug. 26, and somebody got busy quickly, because there’s already a “twerking teddy” costume out there. You could probably create your own of course…finding the foam finger is up to you, if you dare.

The Minions from “Despicable Me”… Here’s a link to a website that shows how to create one.

Duck Dynasty…Go as Phil or Si or any of the Robertson boys and it shouldn’t be too hard…the appropriate hat, and the requisite long hair and bushy beard and you should be good! Strap on a guitar and you can be one of the members of ZZ Top.

Fox…what does the Fox say? Well, What does the Fox wear? There are lots of costumes already out there for a fox…even before that video went viral. You can also just buy ears and a tail and do some makeup whiskers…but be prepared to sing.

Another “great” idea is Great Gatsby…essentially just the flapper girl or guy look. But, it’s not exactly last minute because your dress has to have fringe and whatnot.

Do you like costumes that are also a pun/puzzle? Here’s one. “50 Shades of Grey” (pretty clever!!) and a few other funny ones!

Let that creativity shine! One of my favorites ever was a flamingo — pink Leotard and tights, pink tutu (or something to simulate feathers), pink beanie, black shoes and a flamingo beak on the back of your head. When you stand with one leg bent, the bird is then facing the correct direction! I saw it at a costume contest once and I’ve never seen it since, but it was perfect!

Happy Halloween!