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Arizona Woman: Busy, smart and strong while making friends online

Pregnancy is not an easy thing to go through.

When we’re pregnant, we need support. We need shoulders to cry on, friends to lean on and the hands of loved ones to hold when times get tough (or the summer sun gets too hot!)

When Kelly Roberts was pregnant 15 years ago, she turned to the Internet to find some information on what to expect, books to read and other topics. It was all research until she discovered a forum comprised of women who were all due in June 1998.

“At first we’d talk about being pregnant,” she said. “What that turned into was conversations and we helped each other with everything from fixing cars to marital issues to family issues to very personal issues.”

Roberts said the chat room led to life-long friendships. The group of women now call themselves “The Girls” and they talk about three to four times per day.