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Spring cleaning: Git ‘er done

It’s gorgeous outside! Spring is definitely the best time of year in the Valley. It’s the time of year we can actually be outdoors without melting, you can smell orange blossoms everywhere, and I don’t know about you, but I feel like I have more energy this time of year, too.

Maybe it’s that excess of energy that gets us on a spring cleaning binge.

“Get it out, get rid of it, scrub that, get me a rag, we need a new one of these…!”

Now, I’m not one to think that cleaning is “woman’s work” by any means. But, would it ever cross a guys mind to clean out the winter blah when spring arrives when most of them never think about cleaning at all? Probably not. But it does cross OUR minds…we just like things fresh and new. Of course, we like it best when someone else does it!

Alas, even those families who have cleaning help weekly or monthly may still need to tackle the baseboards, the walls, the hanging things, the windows and drapes. So, here’s the best way to tackle spring cleaning so there’s still some spring left to enjoy when we’re through!

While I’m certainly no “expert” on cleaning, I do know what works for me and I admit, I research those in the know to try and find better, easier, faster ways to get it done.

1) A pro once told me to always start at the top, clean down and go around the room one time. He also said cleaning will go much smoother if you clean in teams, so if you can enlist your kids or someone else to pitch in you’ll be finished twice as fast. And he suggested a cleaning caddy and/or cleaning apron to keep everything with you as you go.