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Ladies, is it time to go home?

Something women AND men are clamoring for these days, across all age groups, is good jobs they can do from home. Everyone wants more time, more control, and a good income…we want it all!

Apparently, more and more, we can have it…if not all, at least more of it!

Would you believe that one of the top paying work at home jobs is as a home-based physician or radiologist?

According to Forbes Magazine, “telehealth” is hot and could bring you a six figure income.

If you have the computer gene, software engineers, programmers and systems administrators all can make very good money working from home. Public relations, writing, graphic design and even teaching are all among the new lucrative work-at-home jobs.

A home-based business has come a long, long way from just selling kitchen plastics or cosmetics.

Even employers are digging the work-at-home trend these days. reports businesses want to save money on operating costs, and reduce commute times. Of course a lot of the jobs I’ve mentioned involve either advanced degrees, and/or practical experience or training.

If you’re not into going to medical school, getting an MBA or even an associates degree, you’re not out of luck.

Websites like list available jobs that don’t require any degree…did you know that many times when you order something from a company, if you speak with an customer service representative they aren’t in a sea of cubicles but working from home?

Of course, it’s not all wine and roses there in the backroom as opposed to the boardroom or even the sales floor.

When you work from home it may be a little hard to stay focused, thinking about all those other things that need doing that are just down the hall, or maybe the TV is calling!

It can also be hard to convince everyone else you’re actually at work when you’re at home. They may want you to run errands or whatnot because, after all, “you’re at home.”

Things could get a little lonely at times…there’s no one to share the water cooler talk, or bounce an idea off of.

And one of the biggest possible pitfalls to working from home? …You work too much because it’s always right there!