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Is NBA star LeBron James an idiot, too?

No matter how you slice it, Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, is an idiot.

Everything that spews from his mouth is drenching in stupidity, insensitivity and ignorance. I’m simply amazed that someone so witless was ever able to climb the ladder of success like he has.

Now LeBron James, one of the greatest basketball players to ever play the game, may be entering the world of idiocy. According to NBPA Vice President Roger Mason Jr., James told him that he would not return next season if Sterling still owned the Clippers.

Let’s start with the fact that the NBA has done everything within its powers at this time to punish Mr. Sterling. He has received a lifetime ban, which may not last that long for the cancer-stricken Sterling. The NBA has also indicated it would pursue whatever channels is afforded to it to remove Mr. Sterling from ownership. Unfortunately, that task is easier said than done.

Whether players like it or not, they are role models. Kids on a global level lookup to James, worship him and want to emulate his success. He is under a contract to play for the Miami Heat. What message does it send to the youth of America when a player chooses not to live up to his end of the bargain just because someone says something he doesn’t like?

This is not a playground where you simply pick up your ball and go home when someone hurts your feelings.

In addition, what message does it send to fans, especially season ticket holders, who pay thousands of dollars to see the man play? There are more people involved than simply James and his personal feelings. There are people who will be greatly impacted if the Miami Heat star chooses to not play next season, including lost revenue for the rest of the league.

The NBA has acted swiftly and has indicated that it will do everything within its powers to ensure Sterling is completely out. Let the NBA do its thing. The players should do their thing … play basketball.

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