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Pat’s Personal Portraits: The American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona

PHOENIX – The ACLU of Arizona stopped by to talk about what the organization does and what it tries to accomplish.

Alessandra Soler, Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona told me about the ACLU and what it’s all about.

“The ACLU is a non-profit civil rights organization that defends everyone’s rights. We defend the principles and the values that are outlined in the Bill of Rights,” Soler said.

I also asked Soler about illegal immigration.

Soler explained that back in the day, one of the goals of the non-profit was to help European immigrants who were being kicked out based on their political affiliations.

When I asked her if this means she was defending immigrants who cross illegally into the country, she said she was defending everyone’s rights to fairness.

“What we’re saying is that our immigration laws have to treat people fairly and humanely,” she said. “Many people are coming into this country because they are seeking better lives for themselves and they come to work.”