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Making noise

Look, over the years I haven’t asked you for a great deal, but today I am going to request a personal favor.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Aug. 26, please vote.

Now, I don’t want to hear those lame excuses like your vote doesn’t count or you don’t like any of the candidates.

In North Korea, your vote is meaningless. Here, it’s an extraordinary gift and if you don’t use it, the vote of that goofy guy down the street counts twice. A lot of us have trouble finding a candidate that represents everything we stand for. You can’t find a spouse like that either.

So look for someone on the ballot that you object to least and then when they win you continue to remind them that if they want your next vote, they better pay attention.

Yes, tomorrow is only the primary. Unimportant? Hardly.

You’re the coach and that’s when you hand pick who’s on the varsity team — who’s going to play in the big game.

So vote. Tomorrow.

If you’re not registered, do it before November. If you just don’t care, do me one more favor: shut up.

I’m Pat McMahon.