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Glendale gamble

Let me introduce myself. I’m a non-gambler who doesn’t live in Glendale.

Notice I didn’t say I’m neither an anti-gambler nor am I negatively disposed toward one of the really nice cities in the West Valley.

Listen, almost everyone I know enjoys blackjack, poker or the slots. I just find most games of chance, for me, to be as exciting as macramé. But I sure do love the casinos we have in Arizona. I like the money that goes to the state. I like the employment opportunities. And I really like what the revenue has meant to the native people on the reservations.

That’s why I continue to be puzzled at the passionate opposition critics have taken to the Tohono O’odham’s successful quest for a casino in Glendale after years of negotiations.

The Glendale City Council approved it, Washington has approved it — but there are still those whose moral high ground stance is opposed because they feel schools and churches nearby will be tainted somehow.

Senators McCain and Flake are even attempting to block it.

Gee, I wonder where they were when Native Americans were attempting to find the billions of their money the government simply lost a while back.

I’m Pat McMahon.