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No. 1

Monday night, Johnny Football, in a brief moment of immaturity, caused many of us to consider changing his nickname to Johnny Punk.

The heralded rookie quarterback of the Cleveland Browns brought new meaning to the phrase “digital media” when ESPN’s cameras caught Johnny Manziel responding to the catcalls from the opponent’s bench with what might be called a “critical cuticle.”

Manziel’s NFL experience now consists of two exhibition games, and while the jury is still out on how ready he is to lead a team in the pros, there is no doubt he is a gifted athlete.

But “athlete” isn’t the only “a” word under “important criteria for being a successful NFL quarterback.” There’s that “attitude” thing. Can you imagine Peyton Manning or Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers flipping off the other team when they first entered the NFL? But as minimal an incident as it really was, can you imagine the head games Manziel is going to face now?

And Johnny, I hope you learn to ignore the distractions and have a great career. If you do, I’ll salute you — and I’ll use all 5 fingers.

I’m Pat McMahon.