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Donald ‘Chump’

I was going to let this go, but for those who may not have heard — or for those who have an allergic reaction to 6-foot gas bags and have avoided contact with the latest oration by Donald Trump — please allow me to review.

Last week, he strongly criticized the decision by the United States, Emory University in Atlanta and virtually the entire world of medicine to return Christian missionaries Dr. Kent Brantley and Nancy Writebol, because they had been infected with the Ebola virus while caring for patients in Africa. His philosophy was that while it’s fine for our specialists to go to foreign lands to treat illness, if you are a doctor who gets the illness — tough! You just have to suffer the consequences.

Trump’s compassion did allow for the doctors to be treated in West Africa, but not here. Reasonable, but for this single flaw: The only Ebola isolation units and medications are here.

Meanwhile, international medical specialists are still in search of a cure for Donald Trump’s nearly terminal oral diarrhea.

I’m Pat McMahon.