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Endorse this

OK, let’s have a show of hands, please…ready?

How many of you have cast a vote to elect someone to high office because a notable figure gave them an endorsement? Whose opinion about where your vote should go is so convincing, so influential that you would put it on your ballot?

So far we are told that Joe Arpaio and Sarah Palin are endorsing Doug Ducey. Only one of them actually lives here, but it’s nice they admire one of our local businessmen.

But why the grand announcements? Why should we care? What difference should it make to my personal choice for governor that the current holder of the title, Jan Brewer, may endorse Scott Smith?

What if someone I don’t like decides to endorse my candidate for some elective office? Should that change my mind?

And the stupidest endorsements of all are the political choices by entertainers. Could I be any more indifferent about who Kim Kardashian wants to see in the White House?

“This is Ted Nugent, and I endorse Smith for President and Wesson for VP.”

Meanwhile, nobody has asked me for an endorsement.

I’m Pat McMahon.