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You probably have already figured it’s not a good idea to drive if you’ve been drinking, even though you may have done it.

If you are even slightly impaired, you’re dangerous to yourself and me. Drinking and driving anywhere can get you in big trouble, but most especially in Arizona. Law enforcement comes down hard in this state, but now, they’re getting even tougher.

Up to now, one of the most difficult things to establish on the scene is the result of a blood alcohol test. You could refuse to take the test if you’re pulled over, making it necessary to get a search warrant to take blood. Often, that would take up to 10 hours, thereby negating the value of the test. But as of this week, the world of technology changed all that.

If you’re pulled over on an Arizona highway and refuse the blood test, the officer can get a computerized search warrant from a judge almost instantly. And if you’re impaired you’re also toast.

C’mon, I’d like to live a while longer — just take a cab. You’re not going to beat the system.

I’m Pat McMahon.