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MD AR-15

Dr. Peter Steinmetz, you’re the director of the neuroengineering program at Barrow Neurological Institute. That’s impressive and with academic credentials like yours, I may have to ask if you would kindly use simple, layman’s language when you answer a question of mine:

What the hell were you doing walking around Sky Harbor’s Terminal 4 last Friday with an AR-15 assault rifle over your shoulder?

Yes, I know you told the police that it’s your constitutional right and you’re absolutely correct. In that part of the airport it is OK. It is also your right to walk through the terminal wearing a sequined thong but nobody wants to see that, either.

Gun enthusiasts also know you can, but probably wish you hadn’t. It makes them look bad. I’m sure Barrow feels that way. Under most circumstances I could have excused it as the delusional act of someone with emotional problems, but it’s the second time you did it.

Your excuse — you just wanted a cup of coffee. Dr. Steinmetz, there are far easier places than an airport to find coffee. Starbucks requests you don’t pick them.

I’m Pat McMahon.