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Peaches Geldof died April 7 in London.

Why should you care?

Because a British coroner officially ruled week it was a heroin overdose.

So why should you care?

Because she was the young daughter of Live Aid organizer and Boomtown Rats musician Bob Geldorf? Not really …

Because she had two little boys, ages 1 and 2? That would be a couple of reasons to care.

Because she was 25? Tragically, a lot of young women die.

But why Peaches? Because she simply didn’t have the strength it would take for her to discard her needles and never shoot heroin again. What power the stuff must have.

Users know it’s a devastatingly powerful toxic substance of unpredictable levels of intensity. And yet, a well-educated, privileged young mother lapsed after two years of methadone alternative sobriety, overdosing on a high level of heroin while alone in her home with her baby son.

She was more aware than most how easily that can happen.

When Peaches was 11, her mother died from a heroin overdose. So why should you care?

Just care long enough to tell your kids about Peaches.

I’m Pat McMahon.