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West Side craps

Were you living in Arizona when the big tribal gaming debate was going on?

If casinos would be allowed to operate on tribal land, we were told it would be the end of life as we know it.

Then-Arizona Gov. Jane Hull supported a compact that would allow a specific number of gaming establishments to operate, and now 16 tribes operate 23 casinos. Native Americans are, for the most part, doing very well and their customers seem to be having a great time.

But look out! Some of those Indian folks aren’t satisfied with what the white man has so generously given them.

One tribe wants to build another casino and because of land the government swapped them, they want to build it in Glendale, not far from the stadiums and Westgate Shopping Complex.

And Washington says it’s OK.

Glendale City Hall opposed it at first, but after looking at its empty civic wallet, changed its tune. But for those of you who are morally opposed to casino wagering, be sure to check your lottery tickets this weekend.

It’s a biggie.

I’m Pat McMahon.