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Let down

I have a confession to make.

As someone who has more independent political thoughts — a few Libertarian and rarely hardcore Democrat or Republican views — I’m disappointed in President Barack Obama.

Overall, the lack of leadership in this administration is not what I hoped for.

Please understand: I can be very critical of his handling of specific issues without considering him Rosemary’s other baby.

I wanted good things from George W. Bush, too, and wound up disappointed. Most of the time, I felt pretty confident when Reagan was in the White House — Bill Clinton, too. But as I recall, they both talked to us.

Maybe it’s me, but I always feel as if I’m being talked down to by this president. Perhaps it comes from a lack of experience. I mean, he spent about an hour and a half in Congress, and then he was president of the United States.

Why is the Middle East a bigger disaster than ever? Why couldn’t the president have made at least a token visit to those kids on the border? Why do I feel he’s just not paying attention, and the only transparency I observe is Obama’s accomplishments?

I’m Pat McMahon.