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I have no doubt that some of you were offended when you heard this week’s news story about Sean Duggan, the Chandler Police chief, banning visible tattoos on his officers.

Those already on the force who have them must wear clothing to cover them while on duty, even in the summer.

And don’t bother attempting to enlist in the Army if you have visible tattoos. They’ll just tell you to do an about face and march out of the building.

Both organizations have similar reasons for the restrictions. Their feeling is that, in general, people who have tattoos that can be seen do not make a neat, well-groomed, professional appearance.

Sure, it’s an opinion, and there are exceptions, but even with the increasing popularity of body art, first impressions are rarely that a tattooed person is a business executive, civic leader or a medical professional. All too often, tattoos are associated with gang members, felons and questionable characters.

Yeah, I know…you’re a fine human being with a tattoo, but you did choose to wear bad art that’s painful and permanent.

I’m Pat McMahon.