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“Oh say, can you see all the candidates on television?”

They started selling themselves around the beginning of summer. It’s now July and we’re not even close to the November elections.

Yes, I know the primary is Aug. 26 and all living, breathing Republicans are running.

But, apparently from the recent voting turnout numbers, you don’t seem to care. Primary colors in Arizona are a shade of drab.

A lot of you folks wait until it’s down to two heavyweights in the last round. But shouldn’t we show up at the polls or cast an early ballot to determine who the heavyweights are?

Are you deciding from the messages you’re getting on television? I’m sure you know there are fewer rules about accuracy in political advertising than in the used car ads you see.

Perhaps you’re choosing a candidate from the signs lining our streets. At least we all know how they feel about neighborhood beautification.

I’m Pat McMahon.