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Well, it’s over and the world has been thoroughly “cupped.”

Now, America can get back to agreeing on what the word “football” refers to, and Brazil can return to normalcy.

You know I was only kidding about that last part, don’t you?

In order to stage the World Cup, Brazil had to spend more than $11 billion on stadiums, venues and facilities across the entire country, which is the approximate size of the continental United States. Most of them will never be used again and will be left to crumble into nothing more than memories of 2014 — the year Brazil didn’t win the Cup.

But that only brings us up to today: the day when Brazil begins to prepare to stage the 2016 Summer Olympics. And guess what? Most of the World Cup stuff is of no use to the Olympics, so Brazil will be spending another $16.5 billion for the honor of it all.

And if you think the impoverished Brazilians were upset about all the money going to a sport where they were favored and came in fourth … this may be an ugly two years.

At least Rio is not being considered for a Super Bowl.

I’m Pat McMahon.