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My hero

Boy, what a weekend this can be for all of us.

We’ll have the opportunity to talk to our kids about heroism and the importance of education, and we can share some valuable conversation on topics like forgiveness and respect.

Why, this weekend?

Because Monday is “Malala Day” and Saturday is the 17th birthday of Malala Yousafzai, one of my favorite people in the world.

I’m sure it’s not necessary to remind you about the little Pakistani girl who insisted on continuing her education and for that defiance was shot in the head on her school bus by a Taliban gunman.

She survived and became a symbol to children around the world. Since then, she has authored a best-selling autobiography, has addressed the United Nations General Assembly and has been a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.

And I remind you that Saturday, she will be just 17 years old.

She lives in Britain now, while she continues her therapy, but her home country, Pakistan, has banned the sale of her book. She is an embarrassment to them; she is — a girl. A girl who has said she wants to grow up to be Prime Minister of Pakistan.

If you have a daughter, encourage her to grow up to be Malala.

I’m Pat McMahon.