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Seattle stoners

Have you ever noticed how important altitude is to the state of Washington?

I mean, just look at Mount Rainier at 14,410 feet. There’s a 605-foot Space Needle right in the middle of Seattle. And, who sits way atop the National Football League: the Super Bowl champion Seahawks.

But you know what’s higher than anything up there? The whole state of Washington!

As of Wednesday, wacky weed is legal in Washington — and you don’t even have to fake a headache. They’re starting out with just 25 proprietors and a limited supply of silly spinach, but what progress.

Yes, now there are two — count them — two states allowed to sell marijuana to people who want to use it (for fun). Alcohol prohibition took a while to undo once the government recognized the absolute futility of it.

At this pace, the other 48 states will probably fall in line in a couple of years. Because it’s right? No, because it’s remarkably lucrative. Remember, a long time ago, Frank Sinatra sang about it … “Dooby dooby do.”

I’m Pat McMahon.