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Oktoberfest in July

This time, instead of Eastern Europe, it was Brazil who heard the dreaded, “Here comes Germany.”

In a rout never before seen in this stage of World Cup play, Germany scored five goals in 18 minutes to humiliate the powerful, favored, host team of Brazil for a final score of 7 – 1 in their semi-final match.

The winners could have struck up a chorus of “Deutschland über Rio” by halftime it was so one-sided.

Hey — this was Brazil playing like the girls from Ipanema. I heard a post-game announcer suggest that perhaps the children who escorted the Brazilian team out on the field decided to stay and play the game.

Listen, I take no pleasure in this whipping. After the U.S. was eliminated, I had no favorite, including Wednesday, with the Netherlands playing Argentina. But I’m still in shock at the one-sidedness of what everyone expected to be a nail biter.

And the real irony for moviegoers is “The Boys from Brazil” really did turn out to be German.

I’m Pat McMahon.