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Please excuse the cliché about a cliché, but sometimes nice guys do win ballgames. Sunday, the announcement made it official.

For the first time since 2001, a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks will be a starter in Major League Baseball’s annual All-Star Game. Paul Goldschmidt will be the National League’s starting first baseman when the team takes the field July 15 in Minneapolis. He won the vote of fans overwhelmingly and against all odds.

He is humble, reserved and plays for a team with one of the worst records in baseball, not to mention in a medium size market populated by former residents of all the other MLB cities. Goldy’s stats — .310 batting average, 16 home runs and 58 RBI — are as outstanding as the D-backs are pathetic. The last D-back to start an All-Star Game was Luis Gonzalez, who had the distinct advantage of playing for a team who would go on, that year, to win the World Series.

Paul Goldschmidt has captured the true appreciation of fans everywhere without the theatricality of a Yasiel Puig or the headlines of an Alex Rodriguez. He’s a quiet team player from Texas State University. He has a management degree and a wife named Amy, and he’s the reason we can finally forget the lost Dutchman’s mine…you see, we found our gold.

I’m Pat McMahon