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American appreciation

Happy 4th of July!

Did you put out your flag as a small personal symbol of what this country means to you?

And just what does this country mean to you?

Step back for a moment and look at the stars and stripes or a map of the country or a framed photo of someone you know in uniform and ask yourself on a deep personal basis what being an American is all about for you.

One of the things that’s right near the top of my list is that I can share these things with you everyday and no one at this radio station, no one in the police force or the government will tell me not to do it or to think it or to believe it.

I can express my enthusiasm or disappointment in my city, my state, my country, my church or myself. And even more splendidly, you get to respond with comments like, “Pat, I couldn’t agree with you more” or “McMahon, congratulations on reaching a new level of stupidity.”

It sure is fun being an American.

I’m Pat McMahon.