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Injury eye

Hey, it’s July 3 and you know what that means — some of you only have one more day to wait till that exciting moment when you begin to learn to see with only one eye.

This is the time for you to look down at both hands and count all 10 fingers for the last time. Oh, and today when you’re in the bathroom, don’t forget to look in the mirror because chances are your face will never look like that again.

Burned skin just seems to change everything, doesn’t it?

What? Those accidents can’t happen in Arizona, where explosive fireworks are illegal.

Well, it is true that while the fireworks lobby was only partially successful in getting the Arizona Legislature to legalize just ground devices, have you noticed how many rockets and firecrackers are fired privately in neighborhoods across the state — our tender dry state?

Gee, do you think it’s not just children coming across the border?

I’m Pat McMahon.