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Short fuse

The world is continually concerned about flare-ups in the Middle East.

Every major country seems to have its own potential uprising that can break out any time of year and regardless of who is in charge of the government moment.

But a recent incident has the potential to trigger untold damage on the already fragile relationship between Israel and the neighboring Palestinians.

Three Israeli teenagers disappeared while hitchhiking home from the west bank two weeks ago.

A massive search followed amidst accusations by the government of Israel of a kidnapping by the militant Islamic group Hamas.

Monday, the three were found dead under piles of rocks.

In a land where violence is a way of life, this crime took on monumental proportions, because of their ages and because they were unarmed.

Israel has a reputation for sudden and dramatic retaliation in matters where it’s been personally hurt.

And can anything hurt more than to find three of your sons murdered under a pile of stones?

I’m Pat McMahon.