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Did you see Brian Williams’ interview with Edward Snowden Wednesday night?

What did you think?

I have to admit that I have some difficulty getting past the fact that if he hadn’t actually leaked all that classified information from the National Security Agency, Central Casting would have put him in the role of “The Little Hacker That Could.”

Please excuse me, Edward. I know you told NBC News that you are not a hacker — you’re a spy. And who among us will ever know?

A lot of people are actually referring to you as a hero. That one I don’t get, especially if your theft of materials that could be used against intelligence agents of the United States would also put them in jeopardy. Or since those of us without classified clearances don’t know the content, put us in jeopardy.

Edward Snowden, you may be a patriot, but my biggest problem is having to choose between your definition of patriotism and mine.

Come home, Edward, and explain it to me.

I’m Pat McMahon.