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Santa Barbaric

Attention all gun owners … I said attention all gun owners!

Please hear me out before I go on with this. I’m going to be talking about the California shootings, but I don’t want your guns. It’s important you know that’s not what I’m after.

A lot of you are as quick to blame everyone in media for being anti-Second Amendment as the other side is to blame all violent crime on the NRA. Both are valueless generalities.

I only want you to give up your weapons if you have a history of mental illness. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

I mean, if your family has consistently sought help for your years of irrational behavior, then perhaps there should be some ongoing record with counselors and law enforcement that would at least allow some limitation on your unfettered freedom to own your own armory.

Knives? We can’t really regulate everything that’s dangerous, but if you’re mentally ill and violent, we could try to regulate you.

I’m Pat McMahon.