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You know how, on the news, the anchor is obliged to warn the audience when a story has content that may be disturbing?

We are warned when material is not appropriate for children. We, as adults, must protect our kids so we send them out of the room.

But this is about your kids and it’s very, very disturbing.

If I ask you, right now, to picture someone who would want to have sex with your children and take pictures of the act and sell those pictures around the world. That person would have to be a vile, corrupt degenerate that we would recognize immediately — long, unwashed hair, bad teeth, stained clothing, hiding behind bushes in a playground.

But that profile would frighten a child away, wouldn’t it?

What if the pedophile predator was a police officer, a paramedic, a Little League coach? What if your son or daughter was lured into making pornography by a rabbi, a nurse or a nanny?

Those are just a few of the more than 70 people in New York who, last week, were arrested as part of a child pornography ring.

Did you think that was disturbing? I hope so!

I’m Pat McMahon.