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La familia

We’ve spent quite a bit of time this week explaining the many characterizations of the word family.

Almost an infinite number of images come to mind, right? Especially, if you pronounce it familia!

In Latin cultures, it’s one of the most important motivations in life. Above all, your responsibility is to your family.

Obviously, there are those who fall short, but taking care of one’s family is such a driving force for most that some will put their lives in jeopardy just to provide.

Naturally, I’m thinking of the illegals…the law breakers…the border crossers…the often desperate human beings that are all too often considered subhuman. Setting aside the reality of drug dealers and people who just want a free ride into the promised land, far more are looking for an opportunity to support those who depend on them.

Are they criminals? By the letter of a flawed set of laws, they are — just as Jean Valjean was imprisoned in “Les Miserables” for stealing a loaf of bread for his family.

I’m Pat McMahon.