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Family faces

The faces on the family trees of the future will, without a doubt, be different.

Some couples will both have beards.

In spite of the resistance of a number of religious groups, there seems to be no question now that same-sex marriage will eventually be commonplace and legal all over America.

On Tuesday, Pennsylvania became the 19th state to permit gay and lesbian couples to marry. The day before, it was Oregon.

State after state that has attempted to limit marriage to exclusively a man and a woman has had those restrictions shot down by the courts based on constitutional freedom. The startling thing about this is how dramatic the change has been.

In 1996, 41 percent of Americans under 30 approved of same-sex marriage. Today, it’s supported by 71 percent of that age group. Even older people, aged 50 to 64, in that same period, have changed their minds — from 15 percent to 48 percent in just 18 years.

Why this remarkable turnaround?

Maybe a lot of folks have discovered that instead of freaks, gay people may be family.

I’m Pat McMahon.