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Junior jocks

You know one of the best things that a family can be involved in? Kids sports.

You know one of the worst things a family can be involved in? Kids sports.

The former has so many facets to it: physical development, fun, discipline, self esteem, confidence, teamwork.

What can destroy all of those positive qualities? Parents.

If you’ve had kids who competed in sports then you’ve not only heard the nightmare stories about out-of-control moms and dads…You’ve no doubt heard the parents themselves.

You know exactly who I mean — the loudmouth and often profane adult in the bleachers criticizing the play of their kids and your kids too. They are often heard boorishly harassing the other teams players, as well.

They’re kids. It’s a game. There’s a reason that participating in sports is called playing, and even worse than having these verbal abusers in the stands, is having them coach the teams.

How sad to see someone desperately trying to fulfill his broken fantasies at the expense of children.

All too often, little league now means little brains and little class.