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Front-office family

There are a lot of ways to define the word “family.”

Most people think of it as a unit of society, usually cohabitating, commonly made up of legally bonded adults and children.

“The Sopranos” television series, meanwhile, offered a completely different meaning. One often hears athletes and coaches refer to a team as family.

Well, a few days ago, the Arizona Diamondbacks welcomed into their family, a very rich uncle. Tony La Russa is one of those baseball names that is instantly recognizable, even to people who aren’t sports fans.

And to people who love the game, it’s as if Michael Jordan turned out to be as good at baseball as he was playing hoops and we got him.

Too much praise for someone who just started in a position that was created for him, attempting to turn around a team with one of the worst records in the major leagues? This Hall of Famer has won league championships six times, three World Series and has been Manager of the Year four times. Are those credentials enough for a chief baseball officer? Nice to have you in the family, Tony.

I’m Pat McMahon.