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Forgotten warriors

I was the recipient of a treasured honor Thursday. There was no trophy or plaque or proclamation. There was only an old man sitting across from me on this TV show.

But what an old man he is.

His name is Albert Laks. His family came from Poland. He’s Jewish. And all of that is of importance because he fought in World War II against the German forces that had committed themselves to the eradication of Polish Jews.

Albert’s commanding officer was Gen. George S. Patton. Along with all the combat Albert saw, he was even able to find family members in a German camp and arrange their immigration journey to the U.S.

Yes, Albert had a pretty busy WWII, and when he returned to the States, he even found time to become a marathon runner.

Laks is in his late 80s now and looks fit. But I’m obligated to wonder if that’s because of the medical care he has been eligible for at VA hospitals.

I hope they’ve been better to Albert than they have been to all too many of our soldiers who came after him from Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East.

Just as Albert deserves a salute from all of us, the VA deserves scorn for its shameful treatment of our military.

I’m Pat McMahon.