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This is about two human beings with a lot in common.

They are both highly skilled, immensely attractive, and between them, have four arms and no legs.

One is on trial for murder. The other is on TV to dance.

I dare say none of us have been in the South African courtroom to hear every word of testimony as to why the “Blade Runner,” Olympian Oscar Pistorius, shot and killed his girlfriend.

He says it was a terrible mistake. Prosecutors say it was murder by a gun-obsessed egomaniac unable to control his temper. But we don’t know.

On the other hand, we do know Amy Purdy, also a double amputee and a snowboarding paralympian. She also happens to be nearing the finals on “Dancing With the Stars.”

Just in case you haven’t watched — I said dancing and she is one of the stars.

She piles up points from the judges because of extra pity? No! Because of extraordinary talent. So as Pistorius sheds daily tears for himself — can’t we all weep with overwhelming pride at the inspiring Purdy, whose life encourages everyone to get up … and dance.

I’m Pat McMahon.